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Bulk materials

The heart of any modern construction is the use of bulk materials. Various bulk materials can be applied in the field of road construction, construction of structures, foundations, production of concrete slabs, etc. The final quality of the construction itself largely depends on the quality of bulk materials, therefore, the choice of a supplier of such materials should be approached with special responsibility.

Etalon Group specializes in a wide range of works in the field of construction. One of the priority directions of our activity is the sale of bulk materials of various types. You can buy bulk materials from us in Kharkiv on optimal terms. We deliver from our own quarries and sites, which guarantees one of the best prices for bulk materials in Kharkiv, as well as the promptness of delivery of any amount.

What bulk materials do we offer?

Our company can offer all types of bulk materials of all fractions for various construction needs. The most common and demanded types of materials are:


Sand is one of the basic materials that is in demand for any type of construction works. Sand is most widely used in road construction. You can buy sand from us in Kharkiv, both in large wholesale and in relatively small lots for private needs. For customers who plan to buy sand in bulk, we offer a special flexible system of discounts. In addition, we deliver sand to the site using our own transport.

Crushed stone

This material is a product of crushing solid rocks. There are various types of crushed stone, however, the greatest demand is for granite crushed stone, which is characterized by extremely high strength and tolerance to negative temperatures. Granite crushed stone is in demand in the production of concrete products, the manufacture of asphalt pavement and construction. Also, crushed granite is often used in landscape design. We offer to buy crushed stone in Kharkiv of various fractions and types. From us you can purchase materials of various fractions, including 20 and 40 crushed stone. When buying crushed stone in bulk, the price decreases with the calculation of individual discounts.

Expanded clay

Expanded clay is a material that is widely in demand in landscaping, as well as for filling lightweight concrete. Also, the unique properties of the material make it in demand as a highly effective insulation. We offer to buy expanded clay in Kharkiv for any needs at an affordable price. Our experts can pick up expanded clay individually for your needs.

How to choose bulk material by fraction?

As for expanded clay and crushed stone, fractionalism plays a huge role, which must be considered before buying the material. By fractions, bulk materials are divided into:

20-40 fraction

Application: production of various concrete mixtures, road and foundation works, construction of residential buildings.

Stone screening dust

Application: landscaping, wall decoration, shedding paths, production of reinforced concrete products, etc.

40-70 fraction

Application: manufacturing of reinforced concrete structures, construction of industrial and residential structures, road construction, landscaping.

5-10 fraction

Application: production of high-quality concrete, construction of bridges, a wide range of road works, foundation works.

0-40 fraction (road kind)

Application: sanding of the soil surface in the field of road construction, soil reinforcement, design, etc.

5-20 fraction

Application: production of concrete and reinforced concrete, quite common in agriculture and the private sector.

Bulk material prices

Our company guarantees one of the most loyal and reasonable prices for bulk materials on the Kharkiv market. You can buy sand, crushed stone, expanded clay of various fractions from us at the most affordable price in Kharkiv. You can find out the prices for bulk materials in this section.

Our advantages

Availability of our own fleet of vehicles for the selection of the optimal type of vehicles and prompt delivery of bulk materials

The presence of GPS trackers on vehicles, which makes it possible to track information about the location of your cargo. The logistics department of our company supports the transportation process 24/7.

Delivery from our own sites and quarries, which guarantees the lowest price for bulk materials in Kharkiv

Provision of a guarantee of the exact weight, volume and conformity of the declared fraction of bulk materials

Prompt delivery of materials (on the day of order)

Discounts for regular and wholesale customers

Still have questions?


You can find out more about our bulk materials or order a delivery by calling the company’s contact phone.

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