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Demolition works

What do we offer?

You can order a complete and private demolition of any type from us, including:

Demolition of unsafe houses and industrial facilities

Demolition of high-rise industrial structures

Demolition of brick structures

Demolition of high-rise buildings

Partial demolition of buildings

Demolition of complex structures

Stages of demolition works

The main stage of this procedure includes:

Проведение оценки прочности строения
Assessing the strength of a structure
снос зданий
Measuring the remoteness of structures from other objects
демонтажные работы харьков
Drawing up a work plan and selection of a demolition method
Disconnection of engineering systems at the facility
согласование всех необходимых документов
Drafting and approval of all necessary documents
Выбор специализированной техники
Selection of specialized equipment
демонтажные работы
Direct demolition work
Вывоз строительных отходов
Site cleaning and disposal of construction waste

The price for the demolition of buildings and structures

The price for the demolition of buildings is not fixed and depends on the specifics of a particular structure, building materials, number of floors, remoteness from other objects, urgency of work and many other parameters. Nevertheless, our specialists guarantee transparent pricing and an objective calculation of the cost of work for each client.

Advantages of Etalon Group

High level of reliability

We can guarantee high reliability thanks to our own fleet of modern specialized machinery, streamlined processes and qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field.

Affordable prices

The level of our company’s actibity allows us to offer the best market prices for all types of demolition works.

Quality assurance

We work only under a formal contract that protects our clients from all risks and guarantees high-quality and timely fulfillment of all contractual obligations by our specialists.

Individual approach

We adjust the specifics of works, focusing on the wishes of our clients.

Still have questions?


You can learn more about the demolition servicse and get a free consultation from our specialists by calling the company’s contact phone number.

Demolition works

The demolition of structures, as well as unnecessary ones, infrastructure elements or finishing, is the most important stage that precedes the repair, restoration of the structure or new construction on the old site.
The most difficult and critical type of demolition works is the demolition of buildings and structures. Demolition works of this nature can be carried out using specialized equipment: hydraulic hammers, excavators, hydraulic shears, forklifts, dump trucks, etc. In some cases, when complex destruction is impossible, due to the proximity of other structures or other reasons, a rational solution is a phased demolition. If necessary, the demolition of buildings and structures can be carried out with the preservation of structural elements and building materials for their subsequent use.
Demolition works can be full or partial. The first type of demolition is in demand in case of complete demolition or capital reconstruction of structures, the second is needed when changing planning solutions and/or individual structural elements.
High-quality demolition of structures requires serious material and technical support and the involvement of a whole group of specialized professionals.
Etalon Group specializes in a full range of works in the field of construction and demolition of buildings and structures at optimal price terms.

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