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Enabling works

Enabling works are a set of basic construction works that are carried out immediately after the preparation of the construction site. Enabling construction works include a whole range of operations, from soil development to the arrangement of the necessary underground communications.

Enabling works are also a part of the most important stages of construction since the reliability of the future structure and the efficiency of the construction of the structure depend on it.

The optimal solution, which will minimize risks and reduce financial and time costs, will be the conduct of enabling works by specialists.

Etalon Group specializes in the construction of industrial and civil facilities of various types and offers enabling works on transparent pricing terms with a quality guarantee.

The scope of enabling works

The main question that worries most customers is the question of what list of works is included in the so-called “enabling works”.
The list of works of this type may vary insignificantly, depending on the type of construction and design solutions. Nevertheless, the basic enabling works are strictly predetermined and fixed for any object.

The main list of such works includes:

Digging an excavation pit and cleaning the site for the future foundation

Creation of drainage and water supply systems

Arrangement of a site for crane movement

Splitting the foundation along the axes

Installation of the entire underground part of the structure, including the pedestal of the foundation, basement walls and beams

Preparations for the main stage of the aboveground construction, including the installation of crane tracks and reinforcement of the foundation

Floor arrangement

Various waterproofing works in the underground part of the building

Benefits of cooperation with Etalon Group

Our group of companies has a leading position in the construction market of Ukraine due to a number of competitive advantages.

Our main advantages include:

Transparent pricing and affordable prices

Work under a formal contract and compliance with all contractual obligations to the client

Providing quality assurance for all types of work

Solid experience in implementing projects of varying complexity

Availability of a fleet of modern specialized machinery

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You can find out more about the enabling works from the Etalon Group or get a free consultation via contact number at the top of the page.

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