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Industrial and civil construction

The construction of industrial facilities and the construction of civil buildings are always serious projects, the implementation of which is associated with a whole range of high-tech works. The construction of industrial facilities and structures is characterized by an increased level of engineering complexity and requires well-coordinated and organized work of a whole group of specialists.

Etalon Group offers design and construction services for buildings and structures of any type with an official quality guarantee. We have the necessary material and technical base to ensure the construction of industrial structures of any complexity level, experience in implementing projects for the largest international industrial companies, as well as experience in the construction of civil objects of varying complexity.

Stages of construction of industrial and civil facilities

Each object has its own specifics of work and stages of their implementation. The minimum list of construction stages is as follows:

Design works
Authority engineering approval
Arrangement of foundation and metal structures
Installation of engineering and communication systems
Carrying out a complex of works on internal and external finishing

Why choose us:


Impeccable market reputation


Qualified specialists

Compliance with construction deadlines and other contractual obligations to the customer


Transparent pricing

Application of modern construction technologies

More than 20 completed projects of various difficulty levels


Quality assurance


Personalized approach to customer needs

Modern production and technical base

You can find out more about the services of construction of industrial and civil objects, as well as get a free consultation, by calling the company's contact phone number.

What can we build?

Etalon Group is a leading Ukrainian company in the field of industrial facilities construction.
We build such objects as:



Business centers and
shopping malls


Hotels, inns,
shops, restaurants

Railway and road
objects for various purposes

Agricultural complexes

Other objects

Still have questions?


You can learn more about the service of industrial and civil construction or get a free consultation by calling the contact phone number or through any convenient communication form on our website.

Do you really need to contact a specialized construction service company

For the construction of industrial facilities and civil buildings, choose a reliable construction company that will first assess the geological situation on the site, select building materials based on your wishes and answer how much money is needed for the construction of facilities.

When contacting a construction company engaged in the design and construction of civil objects, you get a guarantee for the work performed.

We are the very group of companies that has all the necessary materials, equipment and specialists to ensure the best conditions for the construction of industrial and residential facilities, regardless of the complexity of their implementation.

Our specialists have many years of experience in the construction of civil facilities of various designs.

Advantages of cooperation with Etalon

Construction work is carried out by experienced specialists strictly according to pre-developed stages, which allows you to fully control the process and the quality of its execution.

Due to the use of high-quality building materials, you can be sure that the structure will serve for a very long period of time, while maintaining its strength and aesthetics of appearance.

For any questions regarding construction and other types of work, you can always contact the company’s employees who will individually consult you, providing all the necessary information. Before starting the construction of an object, first, the total cost of the work is negotiated with the customer, as well as the terms during which the construction will be fully completed.

When developing an individual project, as well as planning construction, the company’s employees always try to find solutions that will save you money. The company offers you a turnkey construction service: from the beginning of the project development process to the commissioning of the finished object.

What can our company offer in Kharkiv?

The range of our services offers both earthworks and foundation work, preparation of the site for the construction of metal structures and much more.

All necessary construction equipment and mechanisms are provided by Etalon to ensure the highest quality of construction work.

Industrial facility implementation plan:

  • Project development and organization of all types of work related to civilian objects;
  • Creation of a schedule for the construction of civilian facilities and verification of compliance with the originally designated deadlines;
  • Following the budget allocated for the construction of the facility;
  • Independent performance of the entire range of works;
  • Coordination of the order of execution of work with secondary construction companies;
  • Full control over the compliance of production technologies at the facility with previously approved documents;
  • Organization of a tender for the purchase of materials, equipment and working equipment;
  • Analysis of compliance with safety and labor protection at the facility in accordance with environmental protection standards during construction work;
  • Inspection of the construction site by representatives of the selection committee of the government agencies;
  • Commissioning of the facility.

Regardless of the location of the facility and its size, our extensive experience in the market, covering all aspects of construction, is at your service.

Etalon construction company

We carry out the whole range of works in the construction of civil objects. We offer services of major repairs or reconstruction of buildings of various purposes.

The company’s specialists who manage the construction process thoroughly know the technologies of the industry, legal requirements, domestic and foreign standards. At each stage of order fulfillment, they promptly resolve the arising questions and make competent decisions.

Comprehensive technical supervision is carried out by a special group, which includes surveyors, engineers of various profiles (designers, electricians, plumbers) and other specialists. To order our services, you need to fill out the form indicated on the site and enter the basic requirements of your project.

What is the difference between the construction of industrial and civil facilities?

The construction of civil facilities has its own characteristic features and requires careful design, approval, compliance with general standards and construction technologies, as well as multi-level quality control at all stages of construction. In addition, an important stage in the construction of civil facilities is the commissioning of the facility with the passage of numerous state examinations. However, civil construction is less complicated than industrial construction and the construction of production facilities.

When building industrial facilities, it is important to consider the specifics of the activities of a particular organization, the features of the operation of a particular section and many other parameters. When constructing industrial buildings and structures, a careful study of the project is required, considering hundreds of diverse parameters of the object.

It is impossible to minimize risks in the construction of large-scale structures, reduce financial costs, optimize construction and approval terms without the participation of a specialized organization. Etalon Group guarantees high-quality construction of any civil and industrial facility in the shortest possible time at an optimal cost.

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