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Installation of metal structures

Manufacturing and installation of metal structures is one of the most demanded methods for the construction of buildings and structures in the field of industrial construction. The high demand for this service is due to the durability and reliability of metal structures, as well as the ability to implement various construction projects in the shortest time possible. In addition, the price of erection of steel structures is relatively affordable in comparison with other construction technologies. The installation of metal structures can have different specifics from the metal timbering to the installation of building frames.

Etalon Group specializes in a wide range of construction works and offers the installation of metal structures of any complexity level at optimal price terms.

Key stages of installation of metal structures

In the construction industry, the installation of metal structures means a whole range of operations for the assembly and installation of a metal structure at a specific construction site.
Among the main stages of the installation of metal structures are:

Preparatory stage
The preparatory stage is usually understood as a number of measures for preparing a construction site for carrying out high-rise work, organizing storage and assembly processes, arranging construction equipment, etc.
Foundation preparation
When building a foundation for a metal structure, an important point is the exact positioning of the upper surface since the slightest deviation can lead to a significant displacement of the structure itself at the upper part. Also, at this stage, blockouts are equipped for the future fixing system of the structure.
Lifting works
One of the most critical moments of construction. At this stage, the beams are lifted and fixed with anchor bolts. It is important that the installation is carried out with strict observance of horizontal position.
Mock-up preassembly
To optimize the installation time of metal structures, small elements are assembled into larger ones before they are lifted. At this stage, the reliability of the connection of the elements with bolts or welding is important.
Installation of trusses
Direct installation of trusses can be carried out only after the installation of all support columns. The trusses are assembled synchronically with several cranes. The trusses are fastened to each other by means of special assemblies with a high level of rigidity.
Anti-corrosion works
In some cases, anti-corrosion treatment of metal structures is required, which can be carried out in various ways. Most often, anti-corrosion treatment is carried out even at the stage of manufacturing metal structures.

Benefits of cooperation with us

The main competitive advantages of our group of companies include:

Strict adherence to project deadlines

Quality assurance

Transparent pricing and affordable prices

The ability to implement projects of any level of complexity

Individual approach to customer needs

Modern material and technical base

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