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Precast concrete structures installation

Practically no modern construction is possible without the installation of precast concrete structures. It is thanks to prefabricated structures that a high construction speed is achieved, the costs of attracting super-heavy equipment and labor resources are minimized, and the range of possible layouts of structures is expanding. With a competent dividing of a construction site with prefabricated structures into separate assembly zones, an incredibly high speed of construction of large-scale structures is achieved.

The task of installation of precast concrete structures must be entrusted exclusively to the specialized professionals of reliable construction companies.

Etalon Group specializes in a wide range of construction services and offers the installation of prefabricated concrete structures at optimal price terms.

What is included in this service?

The installation of prefabricated structures is a whole range of different operations. Among the most common operations of this type are:

Installation of foundation blocks and other elements of the underground part of the structure.

Installation of ventilation shafts, various blocks of elevator shafts, all types of technical cabins.

Welding and anti-corrosion treatment of seams and joints of prefabricated elements.

Insulating wall joints on the outside of prefabricated structures.

Installation of beams.

Installation of trusses.

Installation of parting walls and wall panels.

Installation of crossbars.

Installation of floor slabs.

Column installation.

Benefits of cooperation us

The main competitive advantages of our group of companies include:

Compliance with construction deadlines

Quality assurance

Transparent pricing

Solid experience in implementing large-scale projects

Individual approach

A large list of related services in the field of construction

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