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Operation and maintenance of specialized machinery and freight transport

For the productive use of specialized machinery and trucks in various fields, it is necessary that they are in good condition. Even the smallest breakdown of specialized equipment or a truck can significantly reduce the productivity of work and lead to serious financial consequences. In addition, faulty specialized machinery poses a danger to the life and health of both the operator himself and the people around him.

It should be understood that the difficult operating conditions of such machines require a special approach to diagnostics and repair.

Etalon Group specializes in a wide range of services and offers qualified repair services for specialized machinery in Kharkiv. In addition, we offer maintenance of specialized machinery and maintenance of trucks at our own professional service station.

What kind of equipment do we maintain?

Our company has its own fleet of trucks and specialized construction equipment, which we lease and use ourselves to implement various projects. All equipment in our fleet is serviced at our service station, so we have solid experience in working with various types of equipment and have a huge stock of consumable spare parts for bringing cars into proper technical condition promptly.


As part of the service we offer:

Truck crane service

Loader service


Manipulator cranes service

Tractor service

Truck service

Dump truck service

Trailers and semi-trailers service

What kind of repair of specialized machinery can we carry out?

Over the years of work in the domestic market, we have gained solid experience in the repair of specialized machinery and trucks and have also developed a large-scale technical base for carrying out work of any complexity. Our service station is distinguished by the availability of all the necessary specialized equipment, as well as the presence of a staff of experienced specialists who have devoted most of their lives to the repair of trucks and specialized machinery.

Our specialists can repair various types of trucks, from repairing fuel equipment and braking systems to complex repairs of the engine, gearshift mechanisms, transfer cases, axles, running gears, pneumatic systems and electrics. In addition, we have equipment for professional computer diagnostics, which allows us to determine the nature of the malfunction quickly and accurately. Also, on the basis of our service station, we carry out welding works of any level of complexity, from minor body repairs to welding bridges and other structural elements of cars.

As part of the repair of specialized machinery and trucks, we offer:

Truck crane repair

Loading appliance repair

Bulldozers repair

Manipulator cranes repair

Tractors repair

Dump truck repair

Truck repair

Trailers and semi-trailers repair

Prices for the repair of specialized machinery in Kharkiv

Etalon Group offers one of the most affordable prices for the repair of specialized machinery in Kharkiv. We guarantee an individual approach, transparent pricing and high-quality performance of all repair and maintenance works for specialized equipment. You can get a preliminary calculation of the cost of repairing specialized machinery by calling the company’s contact phone.

Why is it worth ordering service and repair from us?

Our company is one of the leaders in the Kharkiv market in the field of maintenance and repair of trucks.

Our leading position in the market is due to our range of competitive advantages, including:

Availability of a modern service station with a complex of professional equipment

A team of experienced professionals

Own warehouse of spare parts for cars and equipment of various types

Maintenance of more than 80 units of our own equipment

Availability of 4 equipped pits for repairs

Work in a 24/7 format without breaks and days off

Availability of our own mobile team of craftsmen

Still have questions?

You can learn more about the service and get a free consultation on any question by calling the company’s contact phone number.

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