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Performing the functions of a General Contractor

When implementing large-scale construction projects, the general contracting service is becoming more and more popular. The essence of such a service is that specialized organizations that have the necessary personnel and appropriate licenses take on the organization of construction works and management of all processes at the construction site.

The work of a General Contractor has many technical, legal and organizational nuances. Services in this area can only be provided by specialized construction companies that have solid experience in this area and the appropriate licenses to conduct this type of activity.

Etalon Group is one of the leaders on the Ukrainian construction market, having vast experience in implementing civil and industrial projects of various scales. In addition to direct construction activities, we provide construction works’ organization with the involvement of subcontractors, technical supervision, and coordination of all legal aspects of construction.


Range of responsibilities of the General Contractor

Scope of preliminary preparation

Carrying out a thorough planning of the construction stages with the subsequent organization of the process.


Coordination of all work processes, preparation, correction and approval of documentation, selection of contractors, coordination of the construction of a building and creation of optimal work conditions.


Control of the construction process, labor, and environmental protection. Monitoring the work of contractors, checking their reports and other documentation. Also, the most important point in the sphere of control is the technical supervision of the construction. It should be noted that the organization of technical supervision of facilities is one of the most difficult work of general contracting organizations.

Material support of construction

Material and technical support of construction includes acceptance, distribution, and control over material assets of construction. The General Contractor also makes claims to suppliers or manufacturers if there are problems with the quality or timeliness of supply of materials.

Construction site selection

Selection of the optimal site for the implementation of the project, as well as obtaining the site and all permits for starting the construction of the facility.

Acceptance of the structure

A full range of works in the field of acceptance of an object by regulatory authorities from the preparation of documents to the resolution of controversial issues.
The qualified work of the General Contractor allows the investor to deal with other priority issues and reduce the burden on his own staff.


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