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The service of installing pile foundations is extremely in demand for the construction of structures on unstable soils, as well as construction on hilly or mountainous terrain.

The installation of piles of various types is necessary for the construction of pile foundations, which are characterized by high bearing capacity and stability. This type of foundation is a pile grid, which is combined from above into a monolithic structure using a concrete or reinforced concrete base.

Etalon Group of Companies carries out a full cycle of works in the field of industrial and civil construction and offers services for the installation of piles and pile foundations with a quality guarantee at optimal price conditions.


Types of piled foundations

One of the key factors in this type of construction is the type of foundation, which is determined by the type of piles used.
At the moment, the most popular options for erecting a piled foundation are the following solutions:

Installation of bored piles

With this installation, the holes are pre-formed using a specialized drill. Then the piles are immersed by means of indentation. Jacked piles’ installation is one of the most common types of foundation construction.

Installation of driven piles

The immersion of piles is carried out by driving a wedge-shaped pile into the ground using specialized equipment. The installation of driven piles is most common in the construction of small objects.

Installation of screw piles

The installation of screw piles is the most common kind of foundation of this type. A screw pile is a huge screw that is screwed into the ground using heavy machinery. Also, at small construction sites, manual installation of screw piles is practiced.


Bored pile installation technology

The technology of installation of bored piles is as follows: a specialized augering plant (1) drills a channel of the corresponding parameters (2, 3). After that, the reinforcement cage (4) is lowered into it, and everything is poured with concrete (5). Then the pipes are removed (6).

The price for the bored pile installation

The cost of building a piled foundation is not fixed and depends on many parameters, including the nature of the soil, the type of construction object, the required ultimate load, the number of piles, etc. However, our company offers one of the best prices for piled foundation construction and pile installation.

Benefits of cooperation us

Our main competitive advantages include:

Transparent pricing and affordable prices

Individual approach to customer needs

Solid experience in construction works of various scales

Provision of quality assurance for all types of work

Work under a formal contract

Compliance with deadlines

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Installation of piles can be carried out in various ways and is determined by the specific type of pile. When installing piles, they are immersed through the moving layers of soil to the solid layer, which reliably fixes the entire structure.

Pushing in piles and building a piled foundation is a complex engineering task that requires careful design and flawless work with the use of specialized equipment. Mistakes during installation can lead to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the structure and the collapse of buildings. That is why the installation of piles shall be carried out by an experienced specialist who is properly qualified to carry out this type of works.

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