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Preliminary works

Preliminary work is one of the key stages of any construction process since the timeliness of other operations depends on the quality of implementation of such a work. Preliminary works can take a significant amount of time during project implementation. Preliminary works include a huge number of diverse operations, which depends on the type of future structure and the initial state of the construction site.

This type of work is best entrusted to a company that has experienced specialists and specialized equipment for the prompt and high-quality performance of this type of work.

Etalon Group specializes in the full cycle of construction works and offers preliminary works with a quality guarantee at optimal price terms.

Why choose us:

Solid experience in the implementation of projects of various levels of complexity


Full cycle of construction works

Work under a formal contract and compliance with all contractual obligations to the client


Transparent pricing


Affordable market prices


Providing a guarantee for all types of work.

You can get a free consultation on this service or agree on cooperation using any communication form on our website.

What is included in the preliminary works?

The list of operations for the preparation of the construction site depends on the technical specifications and the wishes of the customer during the implementation of the project.
There is a general list of preliminary works that is typical for any type of construction.
This list of preliminary works includes:

Demolition works

Area cleanup operations

Vertical land levelling of the territory and other earthwork operations

Construction of service roads and facilities of various types

Carrying out a set of measures to protect the environment

Installation of protecting structures and construction site lighting systems

Installation of permanent and temporary engineering networks, which includes the implementation of underground engineering communications for the future construction site


Earthworks are an important stage of the preliminary works. Earthwork requires the involvement of heavy machinery, and its particular characteristics depend on the type of a specific site. The cost of earthworks also depends on the range of operations carried out, the soil type and the area of ​​the site. The most common types of earthworks include:

hand mining


clampshell-type excavation

soil compaction for the subsequent arrangement of the foundation

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