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Rent of specialized machinery

Specialized machinery is an integral part of any large-scale modern construction. Specialized equipment allows you to optimize the time spent on construction, significantly reduce financial costs, as well as increase the level of safety at the construction site.

Buying specialized equipment, in most cases, is an irrational and unprofitable decision. The most reasonable option is to rent specialized machinery for construction work.

Etalon Group offers rental of construction equipment of various types on optimal terms. We guarantee one of the best prices for renting specialized machinery in Kharkiv, serviceability of the entire fleet of equipment, timely delivery of equipment to the construction site and an individual approach to customer needs.

What do we offer?

Our company is distinguished by one of the largest and most modern parks of specialized equipment and offers the rental of specialized machinery for any need.

Truck cranes are generally used to lift heavy loads to great heights. We offer rental of mobile cranes of various types, among which everyone can choose the best option, based on the needs of construction. In our catalogs of specialized machinery, there are truck cranes with a lifting capacity from 10 to 50 tons.
Front loader rental
Front loader is a universal type of specialized machinery, which is designed for local loading, unloading and transportation of various materials, as well as for a wide range of quarry and earthworks. We offer rent of Doosan, Lovol, SDLG front loaders at an affordable price, which is by an order lower than the prices of competitors.
You can also rent CAT bulldozers from us, which are distinguished by their high performance and reliability. Bulldozer rentals may be needed for various types of construction operations, including layer-by-layer digging, leveling, and moving soil, moving construction materials, building roads and reclaiming.
Manipulator rental
A crane manipulator is an irreplaceable kind of specialized machinery that is used for lifting, moving, and positioning loads and building materials. You can order the lease of a manipulator crane from us at an affordable average market price. Our fleet includes manipulators with a lifting capacity of up to 20 tons.
Trawl rental
The tractor is intended for the transportation of heavy indivisible cargos, the transportation of specialized machinery and non-self-propelled vehicles. You can order a trawl rental from us at an affordable market price. In our fleet of specialized machinery there are various trawls with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tons.
A dump truck is a universal type of specialized machinery for transportation and prompt unloading of bulk materials. Here you can order a rental of a dump truck of various carrying capacity.
The classic excavator is the most common type of earthmoving machine, which is mainly used for excavation and loading of bulk materials. You can order a wheeled excavator rental from us, as well as rent a backhoe loader and rent a caterpillar excavator for large-scale construction work on difficult terrain or unstable soils. Our fleet of specialized machinery includes excavators from the world's leading brands, including Volvo, MST and JCB tracked models.

Prices for rent and services of specialized machinery

Our company offers some of the best prices in the Kharkiv market for the rental of specialized machinery, as well as some of the most affordable prices for services of specialized machinery and any type of cargo transportation. In addition, we offer a flexible system of discounts and personalized pricing for big and regular customers. You can get acquainted with the prices for rent and services of specialized machinery in this section.

Advantages of renting specialized machinery from us

The main advantages of renting construction equipment from our group of companies include:

Availability of a huge fleet of modern specialized equipment for any needs

Timely diagnostics of equipment

Individual selection of specialized equipment for your needs

Transparent pricing and affordable prices for the rental of specialized machinery

Timely provision of equipment

Availability of a flexible system of discounts for regular and big customers

Still have questions?


You can get a free consultation on renting specialized machinery in Kharkiv or order a service through the feedback form or by calling the company’s contact phone number.

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