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Road facilities construction

Road facilities construction is a complex resource-intensive task that requires careful design and the use of a large number of specialized equipment. Road facilities construction is carried out in strict accordance with state standards and has a well-defined work technology.

Road construction is a task that only a few dozen companies in our country can qualitatively solve. Etalon Group specializes in the full cycle of civil and industrial construction, and also carries out the road construction of any complexity on optimal market conditions. We offer a full cycle of road construction from the construction of the roadbed to the road paving, as well as the installation of protective structures and lighting systems. Our organization is one of the few on the domestic market, where you can order a road construction on a turnkey basis.

строительство дорог

Stages of road construction

The implementation of such a serious project as the construction of a proper road requires a whole range of works. When designing and building highways, the following is performed:

геодезическое исследование
Conducting a topographic survey and site layout
At this stage, a geodetic survey of the area, an analysis of the relief, and a thorough analysis of the soil and the height of groundwater are carried out along the entire route of the future construction.
техническая документация
Road design
Preparing design documentation for future construction and approval of the project by the relevant government agencies.
доставка спецтехники и материалов
At this stage, the area is cleared, specialized machinery and materials are delivered to the construction site, and all obstacles on the route of the specialized machinery are eliminated.
Земляные работы
High-quality road construction implies a whole range of earthworks, including leveling the ground, erecting embankments or creating pans if necessary;
Монтаж системы водоотведения
Drainage system installation
A high-quality drainage system significantly affects the performance and durability of any road. Installation of a drainage system is a mandatory stage of construction.
Укладка основания
Base arrangement
The so-called road ``sub-base`` serves as a basis for a pavement, which minimizes mechanical impact on the roadway itself.
Different materials are used for the pavement: asphalt, concrete, asphalt concrete, Portland cement.
Финальные работы
Final works
Before the road is put into operation, striping is applied to the road surface, road signs and other traffic control devices are installed.

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